Rocking in the New Year

I'm realizing it's over a month since I've been at my blog!  And the month is flying by.  January is an odd month for me. It's the end of the busiest time of my retail year. When December is over, it seems the creative wind blows out of my sails.  And the fun begins, ------not!  All the accounting I've put off over the fall has to get done. Sales tax must be calculated. And paid.  Some sort of inventory must be started, as the appointment with the tax accountant happens in early March. Does anyone have a fabulous way to track beginning & ending inventory, for "cost of goods cost" COGS?  If so, please let me know as soon as possible! The last three rock pendants are shown below.  The middle one is about to be sold.  The other two are available.  And more will be coming soon.

Promise I'll be back in touch soon.  Here's hoping you all had a great holiday season!