Fast Company

Waiting for an oil change at the car dealer recently, I picked up a magazine called Fast Company, on the cover was an interesting looking guy wearing a beaded necklace (love that!).  He's the Dutch designer, Marcel Wanders.  This issue features "Masters of Design".  In the article on Marcel, he discusses, "the anxiety of the creative act", and says, "You could, if you wanted, always be scared.  There's a piece of white paper, and I have to make a design about something I have no idea about.  That's when we say fu#@#@##@@##!!!!"   fc_v1_logo2

As an artist, opening up that package of fresh metal clay, or that bag of porcelain, we are faced with that "blank canvas".  The anxiety of the creative act looms over us.  And you could always be afraid.  We have to dare to be productive, dare to be creative!  And most of all --  dare not to procastinate!