Four Hour Spoon

spoonI took a workshop a few weeks ago with Richard Sweetman, and we made a spoon.  We first made an alloy of fine silver & sterling silver.  Our goal was to have 96 percent silver.  We melted the mixture with a torch in a cucible, then poured an ingot, approximately 4 inches long, .75 inches thick.  After that we pounded for about 4 hours!  The key is to work hot, so after heating the ingot, you immediately picked the silver up with a vise grips & began pounding.  It was a lot of heating/pounding/heating etc.  The metal was not at annealing temperature, but hot.  Needless to say that evening, my arm was sore!  And I didn't have the spoon completely finished, I went back to refine it's shape & polish it another day.