Plowing through January in new PJ's

January seems to be a long month for me. The fall is so busy, lots of creating, craziness, selling, so many things on my plate. After the holidays--I begin to look forward to the new year. Sales tax is due. Accounting for income tax needs to get done. Inventory, or "cost of goods sold" needs to get done.  This year I spent 3 days at my computer, entering sales, expenses, etc. I had all my sales entered by the 20th of the month when Colorado sales taxes were due. I have 99% of my expenses entered. I went through each bank statement.  Now the daunting task of counting inventory!  Help!!! [caption id="attachment_437" align="aligncenter" width="353" caption="New pajamas for the new year"][/caption]

Oprah recently did a make over show and the guest suggested that we women should get a new pair of pajamas every year.  Mine were on the way from Garnet Hill, as they had been backordered.  Funny, they arrived a few days after that show aired.  It is fun to receive a new pair of pj's.  My others are worn out!  My husband suggested donating them--and I'm thinking--cleaning rags!!  They have seen their day, believe me!

So, back to January.  Taking some time out for creativity helps.  I'm working on some new "tear-away" texture plates.  (I need new ones!)  I went to the metal studio twice this month.  Made a silver ring necklace & a copper bracelet.  Finding a balance is my new mantra for January.  Do some book work, do some creating, do some planning.  Look at what shows to apply for in the new year.  Did the shows last year work for me?  Make a game plan!