The Creative Life

I took a few days off & did some skiing.  Nothing like the soft snow under your skis, the turns happening freely, effortlessly, gliding along uninhibited.  Amazingly, poof! Back to the drawing board of life!  I set a personal record for number of posts in one month.  And tomorrow begins a new month, where to go from here? [caption id="attachment_576" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="resources"][/caption]

I looked through my bookcases and found some resources I've accumulated.  Notice how four of these five books have a derivation of "creative" on the cover?  You may recognize at least four of these books, the fifth, Soul Catcher, is illustrated by a local woman, Michelle Barnes.  From the intense, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, to the fun, A Creative Companion, by Sark, and some in between.  Some insights from these pages:

"What is creativity anyway?"

"Laugh as much as possible."

"Live juicy."

"Every day is loaded with creative potential."

"Artists are visionaries."

"Celebrate every gorgeous moment."

Back to work!  And as my yoga-pilates teacher says at the end of class...."go out and live your perfect dream".