[caption id="attachment_611" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Colorado sunny day"][/caption] My mind seems to hardly slow down.  I have been practicing yoga for quite a few years now.  It calms me.  It centers me.  It's great for my body and my mind, as daily I am at my desk working with my head & shoulders down.  It opens me up.  I was recently reading about Mindfulness and Yoga.   Some random thoughts from the article.....  Deal with life's challenges.  Every situation is workable.  Create bliss, create liberation.  Concentration can bring about awareness.  Recognize the goodness yourself & others.  Be present.   Bring awareness to the present moment.  And one last quote,  "Mindfulness is something that Buddhist meditators cultivate." That's a thought to think about and try, even though my record for meditating is less than a minute! Ommmmm  I'll work on that one.