Raku and a few laughs

[caption id="attachment_617" align="aligncenter" width="378" caption="Raku Bird House"][/caption] I am hoping to get a few pieces made in raku for the upcoming Colorado Potters Show & Sale, being held May 6, 7, & 8 this year.  I will be attempting some raku in the near future, as I found a small portable kiln my Jim Cooper, CooperWorks here in Denver.  This is an old birdhouse I made, that's in our private collection.

I had some good laughs, oh my goodness!  While in Tucson, my friend mentioned something called Hulu.  I had never heard of it, nor had watched it.  She told me I could catch up on TV shows by watching them on my computer.  Okay, sounds like a plan.  It is quite amazing, even though we pay for "On Demand" on cable TV.  Last night I tuned in to Hulu for the new show, "The Marriage Ref".  I was laughing out loud!  A little distraction while working at my desk, this will come in handy.  And who couldn't use a good laugh!