A good resource

[caption id="attachment_628" align="aligncenter" width="452" caption="By Linda Darty"][/caption] I found this book in my collection.  It looks like the source for using enamel on metal.  After perusing the book, it also looks like I have been torch enameling all wrong!  I should order a few more supplies for sifting enamels.  The author, Linda Darty, will be the keynote speaker at this years bi-annual PMC conference at Purdue University this July.  I hope to get to the conference, I haven't missed one yet. The first one, at University of Wooster, was epic, the first major gathering of PMC enthusiasts.  It was a big PMC love-in, with people from all over the world attending.

I had a copper clay play date with a friend today and we made a few fun pieces.  It's a different feeling experimenting with the copper & bronze clay--I've been working big, where with silver clay, it's costly to work big.  So, it frees you up to experiment & push the limits and you are not as worried about cost.  Now the firing is another story, as I've said, I want to install solar panels to run the kiln at 1700 degrees for 3 hours!