Things I've learned blogging along


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The second month of my blog-a-thon is coming to an end.  By "blog-a-thon" I mean that I've tried to increase my daily blogging.  Last month I made 18 entries, this month will be 19!  Along the way, I've gotten better at editing photos for the web in Photoshop.  Some research helped and getting the file size to be really small helps loading the photos faster. I started using the "save for web" function when saving the files.

I've taken more quick photos for the blog using my formal photo set-up.  Shooting jewelry is still a challenge, but the more I photograph, the more I remember about the last time I took photos.  A clean surface is essential.  Using the aperture setting on my camera is essential.  My macro lens is essential.  One light seems to work the best.

As blogs go, the most hits I received on one day was the "moose in the woods and perfecting the pizza" entry.  I'm not sure if it was the moose or the pizza!  The other entry with high hits was the "wassabe" entry.  Go figure, maybe it's making a catchy title??

I have been applying to summer art festivals, and hope to get three more applications in in the month of April.  I've gotten one "you're in" so far.  Many use the online application format, but a few still want slides, which is great, as I am a bit "old school" as my son calls it.  The other comment he'll make, unrelated, but funny--"you're such a hippy, mom"  Compliment or not?  Go figure, I guess I was a child of the 60's....and 70's.....

So as ski season comes to a close in 3 weeks, spring break is over, Easter break will soon be behind us, work mode must kick into high gear!  And hopefully I'll keep sending off my thoughts into cyber world....