Life in the Slow Lane

[caption id="attachment_767" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="new pearl series"][/caption] Boy, having a second foot surgery in 7 months has really slowed me down.  Tomorrow I will go back to have the stitches out.  The Doc told me to bring a comfortable shoe.  The walking boot is getting old!  And it's not smelling like a flower any more.  My foot is still different colors of blues & purples.  Trying to heal.  Trying to slow me down.  It has worked somewhat, as I have not posted on my blog this month very much!

This new pearl series was made for the Barbara & Co feature.  I love the pearl on the right.  It's being held in by some feelers or something.  Very informal photo I took right before delivery.  Oh--and summer is arriving in Denver!  And it's finals week, our house has been very serious these last 2 weeks.  On Friday school will be over for a few months.  Time to sleep in a bit.  Time to smell the flowers, time to get back to work mode!