New Pearl and spot

[caption id="attachment_917" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="new pearl for Jeanne"][/caption]

I've been constructing some new pearls, and this one had a different shape, so I made this form for it.  An old friend bought it, and not being a necklace person really, she loves wearing it.  I asked if I could photograph it, and lo and behold, this spot kept appearing on my photos.  I cleaned, and cleaned some more.  The glass was spotless, the lenses were spotless, so I called the camera shop.  "There's something on your sensor" was the response.  We have to send your camera away for cleaning.  Odd, I'd never heard of that.  He said it happens when you change lenses.  So, in 10 days I hope to have a fresh newly cleaned camera.

It's always something--especially when you are dealing with technology!  As I write this, I have no back up drive.  It has died, I assume.  I've had other back-up drives and they have not failed, but this one is failing!  It has been less than a year, so I'll see what the store has to say when I take it in.  It's kind of scary though, not backing up my data.  I had a hard drive fail last year on my trusty "vintage" laptop, PowerBook G4.  I lost lots of e-mails addresses, and some music, but had most of the files backed up.  It's a must if you have a business and your life involves around a computer.  My newer desktop iMac is now the main machine, and I'm living on a thin thread without a back-up drive!