Reconstituting dried Metal Clay

[caption id="attachment_976" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="reconstituting dried metal clay"][/caption] I was so excited to see an article written by Lisa Cain in the recent Metalclay Artist  Magazine, Vol. 2 Issue #2 called, Reconstituting Silver Metal Clay.  I have 11 years worth of scraps I've saved --I know--do I throw anything away?  I gathered it all in one shoe box and started my first batch, and I was amazed, like is like a package of new clay.  So far, I've made three batches.  You need to grind it, sift it, add water, roll it out and then let it sit overnight.  With the price of silver going up (and down) and all these leftover scraps, it makes sense.  My next mission is to take all my fired reject silver scraps to a metal recycler.  I have the name of a company in Denver that you can take your scraps, they melt it down while you wait, pull a plug out and then tell you the percentage of metal and apparently give you a fair price.

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