I've added a Gallery Page on my Blog

[caption id="attachment_1059" align="aligncenter" width="305" caption="Leaf lentil with heavy sterling chain"][/caption] After much thought--I decided I can add a Gallery page to my blog, and hopefully keep it updated.  I haven't updated my web site in over a year.  Updating entails having photos ready, burning them to a disc, and mailing it to my web designer.  Not that hard, but with all the small details running a business, seems to get neglected.

I also created a FaceBook page for CC Designs Art Jewelry, if you go to the page and "like" you will get updates when I make a new addition to my gallery.  Much easier for me, and after talking to several web designers, they say that many folks are going to platforms like Wordpress, Blogspot, etc. to keep their images fresh.

Also, come & see me at the Golden Fine Art Festival August 20 & 21.  It's a fun small show, along the creek off Washington Street.