Winter Park Alpine ArtAffair this past weekend....oops!!

Well--I tried to make a blog post from my iPhone, but apparently it didn't post, it was saved as a draft--so sorry to post this after the weekend! Here was the post...

If you happen to be in Winter Park area enjoying the Jazz Festival stop in to see me and all my new work. I've been so busy this summer and have been remiss about my blog. I did a major upgrade on my desktop Mac and have been suffering ever since!! I now need to upgrade Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.,  in the mean time I'm using my ancient laptop.  And trying to use the amazing iPhone.

I hope to be blogging more soon and getting back to normal. I have lots to share as I attended last PMC conference in June and have been playing with a new group of friends in the "Bronze Club" in Boulder.

I have two more outdoor shows this summer--the always fun Golden Fine Art Festival August 18 & 19.  And a new show this year that will be really fun--the Affordable Art Festival Sunday August 26.  Stop in and say hello if you are out and about.