American Trade Beads


I just finished setting this bead by Harold Williams Cooney, American Trade Beads.  His beads are amazing and I love the way this turned out.  I used a tube to set the bead, threaded the tubing and then put rubber washers and screws to keep it in place.  Fabricated with sterling silver. It is a stunning piece.  They also have a Facebook page, and sell on Etsy.

I just restocked at Evergreen Gallery, in downtown Evergreen, of course, and tomorrow Baby Does in Golden will have a new grouping of my work.  There are a few new pearls at Barbara & Co, on Old South Gaylord Street.  And next week I’ll have new work at Willow in Littleton.

And one last note, I will no longer have handmade jewelry in Creator Mundi.  We had quite a tenure, I found records from 2002.  It’s a wonderful inspirational gallery in Cherry Creek North.