Happy Holidays!


After a long fall season, things are finally winding down for me–I hope for you all as well!  I still have a collection of pieces at the Foothills Art Center in Golden.  The Holiday Art Market runs through Dec. 29th, if you received some cash for the holidays that you want to spend.  Also, the Evergreen Gallery has a great selection, Baby Does Clothing, and Heart of Oneness, both in Golden, as well as Creator Mundi in Cherry Creek North, and Barbara & Co on Old South Gaylord Street.

Looking forward to 2013, my website and blog will soon be integrated and will have a new look!  I am excited to have hired a great web designer, Jimmy Sellars, to redesign it and I hope to keep both updated often.  It’s almost ready for it’s inaugural launch.

In February, I’ll be heading down to Tucson for the amazing Gem Show.  I look forward to seeing lots of old friends and finding some amazing new materials to design with in the coming year.

I heard a great quote once, and love using it–”my best work is yet to come”.  So check back often, as I will continue to create new things in the coming year.  I often feel my life is blessed and I wish for everyone, many blessings, good health & happiness in the coming year!