Blogging in the New Year

Happy New Year!  Can you believe another year has blown by?  WordPress notified me that I have made 152 posts since starting my blog, and soon, my blog and web site will be integrated into one, and we will leave WordPress for a new destination. I will keep you posted on the transition–should be seamless.

Ten days have already past in the new year and the last four days I have been down with the flu.  Well, a version of the flu, without the fever & chills, but all the other bells & whistles.  I thought I’d have a huge dent made in my 2012 taxes by now.  Much of the beginning of the month was spent picking my jaw off the floor when I found out that the really old version of Quicken I use for my business expenses will not convert my data into a newer version.  I am mad!  I am furious!  I’ve been online with Intuit to tell them that they left some of us high & dry.  I realize I had an old version, really old, but for the Macintosh, they did not do a lot of updates.  I have spent countless hours online doing searches for “best accounting software for a small business”, “best bookkeeping software for a sole proprietor”, “best bookkeeping software for a jeweler”, best spreadsheet–anything!!  I refuse to purchase another Intuit product!!  Help!  I just had a thought, I’ll change my search to “best software for an artist”–maybe there is something creative out there.