Happiest of New Years!

Wow! 2014 is here already, in fact over half of the month of January is gone.  I had a slight trip-up on New Year's Eve day.  I stepped on my dear cat, Meka, and broke my ankle.  She's fine, and I'm in the process of healing.  No cast, just a compression bandage and a walking boot.  And crutches, or a walker, (thanks Barb!)  I've never broken a bone, so I am figuring out this is painful, and as an active person--a pain in the neck!

In 2 weeks, I'll head back to Tucson, to look for stones, pearls, new chain--6 days of walking (ouch!) the shows, looking for interesting things to add to my work.  

Also, two galleries where I show work in closed this month, L.A. Coppersmith in Louisville, and Creator Mundi, in Cherry Creek North.  Creator Mundi will become an on-line store, and hopefully the space where L.A. Coppersmith occupied will find a new owner.

January always begins new challenges for me, taxes, sales & income; the after the holiday slump--now what to do??  On the creative side, I am enjoying being a part of a Quantity Drawing group on Facebook, we are attempting to draw each day of the year.  And believe me, I am not great at drawing, so it is a challenge for me.   A friend and I tried a new (to us) printmaking plate, Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate.  It was fun and challenging, since neither of us had made monoprints in quite a while.