Tucson Update

Tucson was super fun this year! This year was quite different with a broken ankle, so we didn't get to all the shows we normally do, but we got to all our favorites.  I started going down there for Gem Show in 2005, so I know my way around pretty well.  Once again we ate great food, enjoyed milder temperatures than here in Denver, and I found great chain, pearls, gems, etc.  We even shortened our trip by a day, which is fine, since it's easy to blow out your budget in the first few days.  Some images from Tucson, along with what kept me busy healing that broken ankle.

One of my drawings from our daily drawing group. 28/365, or something like that. 


Colors of Tucson….


more colorful things to buy


rocks? Need a car to bring these home.


Food for Ascension Cafe-delicious vegan blueberry pie.  Local, organic, vegan.


Tucson reminds me of Boulder, Madison, same hippie element….


Walking stick anyone?


more colors….


On the plane, on the way home...


Another creative project, working on a travel journal.  Collage made from old prints I made in a Monotype Workshop, many moons ago.


Finishing up income taxes, inputting inventory purchased in Tucson--time to make jewelry!  Also working on some clay pieces for the upcoming Colorado Potters Show.  One small step at a time! Ciao!