Zephyr Street Studio Sale Friday & Saturday

zepher final!

Once again, we are opening up our studio for you to come & shop.  This year, we'll have jewelry, ceramics, mixed media, pewter & more by 15 artists.  Stop in, have some food & wine, and beat the Black Friday crowds at the mall.   Everything is handmade--so take the "Buy Handmade" challenge.  The address is 1495 Zephyr St., off Colfax, between Wadsworth & Carr.

November 23
2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

November 24
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Playing in the studio


enamel over copper puffed heart with touch-up[/caption] I met a woman a few years ago and she told me about a studio that had metal working equipment and a retired college metalsmith teacher running the place.  You commit to one or two days a week, or evenings, and you can use all the equipment there as well as get instruction.  At the time, it was hard to commit to going once a week especially in the summer when I am teaching summer camp and doing shows. In the last year, I decided to try and get to the studio one day a week.  It has been fruitful in many ways.  I work on things and have been sharpening my metalsmithing skills.  I complete projects!  I'm am far less distracted than when working at home.  I'm learning new things.  You can weld metal, cast, press, enamel, etch, solder, melt, roll, you name it.


This photo is not retouched.  I think it could use a little tweeking--but maybe the shine of the enamel adds some depth.  I finally upgraded to Creative Suites 6, and used Photoshop to alter the top photo.

I'm getting ready for fall shows.  The first show will be the Colorado Potters Show & Sale where I'll have metal clay jewelry and pottery for sale.  It's November 1, 2 & 3 this year.  I'll post the rest of my schedule soon! BTW

I've neglected my blog!

[caption id="attachment_968" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Mixed metal piece"][/caption] How time flies, and I'm realizing my last post was so long ago!  I have been busy, really!  I've been working on photographs to apply to summer shows, restocking the galleries I have my jewelry featured in, and making some ceramic pieces for our Colorado Potters Spring Show & Sale, which was last weekend!  I managed to make 40 or so olive dishes, a few birdhouses, and some bowls.  That means throwing clay in my basement where you are not sure if the sun is shining or not.  I've also been working on some mixed metal pieces, with steel, bronze clay & silver clay.  I found a very cool class online, by CRAFTCAST, Alison Lee hosts different artists who give online classes.  You can watch it live, or later download it.  She features different artists, and podcasts a you can listen to as well.

In my personal life sadly, I lost a cousin due to alcoholism, and in March went back to Milwaukee for a very sad funeral.  He had been in rehab after falling while very drunk & hitting his head over the holidays.  Unfortunately, the brain injury facility did not keep him very long, and after 30 days in an alcohol rehab, he got out & continued to drink.  It hit me hard, as I grew up with his family of nine kids.  I'm now realizing that alcohol can kill, and is very addictive.  And the addictive brain is a strong beast.  And 52 is way too young to leave this world.

Back to green...

[caption id="attachment_632" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="enamels over copper"][/caption] I worked on some enamel pieces today after perusing the book I posted yesterday.  I am still playing, so it helped to understand a few things.  You can use the firescale that reacts in the copper in your design.  The undersides of the oval pieces are very interesting.  In order to prevent cracking, you counter enamel the back side of your piece, the leaf & the earring components have a black back,  the ovals have some color.  I found my green in the studio today, green makes me happy, what can I say?

[caption id="attachment_634" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="enamel over copper reverse sides"][/caption]

The back side is much more interesting when you add some color--agree?

Did you know tomorrow is Pie Day in the math world, 3/14, Pi Day?  Our house smells of cherry pie, adapted from this recipe, Crustless Cranberry Pie, --the cranberry version is easy & really great--if fresh cranberries are in season! We had some organic frozen dark cherries in the freezer. I decided to make two pies, one for us, one for the Geometry class.  Good eating pi!

Garagio Studio Coldio

[caption id="attachment_467" align="aligncenter" width="355" caption="Garagio Studio"][/caption] Okay, I made up some words--actually borrowed the word "garagio" from my friend & fellow artist Cythnia, www.coloradoartiststudio.com, who has the same deal--an unheated garage studio.  Luckily I have a room in the house that serves as my "bead room", affectionately called the "messiest room in the house" to work in.  My goal is to get heat in the garage next winter, either a large heater, or radiant heat in the floors--wouldn't that be sweet?

The creatures near the buffing wheel are from the summer art class I teach, "Clay Creatures".  We make all kinds of fun creatures during a week working with quarry clay.

Notice the temp--a balmy 38 degrees..........

More of the same

[caption id="attachment_465" align="aligncenter" width="335" caption="February in Denver"][/caption] I was in Tucson for 9 days, and almost considered myself a "snow bird".  Now I'm home in the cold!!  I made this birdbath years ago and it has been outside through thick & thin.  It's on a slight tilt now, need to help that in the summer.  I'm taking inventory & photos of the things I bought down there.  Hope to get to the very warm metal studio today--which is not my garagio studio!  Soon will get back to making some more tear-away sheets.  Thinking warm thoughts....

Plowing through January in new PJ's

January seems to be a long month for me. The fall is so busy, lots of creating, craziness, selling, so many things on my plate. After the holidays--I begin to look forward to the new year. Sales tax is due. Accounting for income tax needs to get done. Inventory, or "cost of goods sold" needs to get done.  This year I spent 3 days at my computer, entering sales, expenses, etc. I had all my sales entered by the 20th of the month when Colorado sales taxes were due. I have 99% of my expenses entered. I went through each bank statement.  Now the daunting task of counting inventory!  Help!!! [caption id="attachment_437" align="aligncenter" width="353" caption="New pajamas for the new year"][/caption]

Oprah recently did a make over show and the guest suggested that we women should get a new pair of pajamas every year.  Mine were on the way from Garnet Hill, as they had been backordered.  Funny, they arrived a few days after that show aired.  It is fun to receive a new pair of pj's.  My others are worn out!  My husband suggested donating them--and I'm thinking--cleaning rags!!  They have seen their day, believe me!

So, back to January.  Taking some time out for creativity helps.  I'm working on some new "tear-away" texture plates.  (I need new ones!)  I went to the metal studio twice this month.  Made a silver ring necklace & a copper bracelet.  Finding a balance is my new mantra for January.  Do some book work, do some creating, do some planning.  Look at what shows to apply for in the new year.  Did the shows last year work for me?  Make a game plan!

Back in the Studio

I'm back in the studio pounding on metal, feels good.  I have a very handy small torch to solder with that fits on top of a small propane bottle.  As soon as I figure out how to post a photo that shows up on the page, I will do so. Metal clay is so forgiving & free form, as soon as I start to shape sterling wire, and texture it with a hammer, I'm reminded of the ease of metal clay.

Tomorrow starts the biggest wholesale gem & jewelry show of the fall, time to stock up on things for the holiday sale season.