New COPPRClay Firing

[caption id="attachment_678" align="aligncenter" width="452" caption="COPPRClay batch, closed firing"][/caption] This is my third firing of COPPRClay.  I used the closed method, in the stainless pan for 3 hours at 1700 degrees.  There are pieces here from a copper clay play date with a few friends.  The pieces that cracked may be too thin, the others that are thicker did not crack.  The very first firing I did, I used the open shelf method, then placed the pieces in the stainless box for the second phase of the firing.  I've had more success with the closed method.  The pieces come out looking a bit grungy, but after some burnishing, they will brighten up.  The tie-die colors are very cool.  The pieces with the most color came from the upper half of the pan.