Nose to the Grindstone and some fun with Sia

[caption id="attachment_739" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="Sia in concert at the Gothic Theater"][/caption] I have been really busy lately, and neglecting my blog!  The fun part was seeing Sia at the Gothic, a small venue in Denver.  She was very gracious & funny, as well as having an amazing voice.  The grindstone part is I helped fire a kiln last week, with 2 firing buddies at the guild.  It was an easy (!) 12 hour firing that turned out nicely.  I managed to throw about 40 pots, mostly olive pit dishes, and small salt bowls.  I've been searching the internet for some salt spoons.  I think I found 2 different sources.  Last time I made salt bowls, I also made salt spoons.  They are hard to fire with glaze on them.  The colors don't always match either.  So, I'm hoping the postman brings good news!

I've also been working hard,  gearing up for a small jewelry show at Barbara & Co here in Denver.  I will be featured with 2 other local jewelry designers.  Stop in there & look at some of the new things I just finished.  I will try & photograph the pieces before they go into the show.  I set 3 different large pearls, and I love them!