Visit with the Tax Man

[caption id="attachment_598" align="aligncenter" width="172" caption="Not the Tax Man...."][/caption] Okay, that's not the tax man!  But I needed a distraction!  And.... Boy, am I glad that is over!  We had our annual meeting with our accountant--ouch!  I use Quicken for my business account, entering all sales & expenses in throughout the year.  Yesterday, I spent the day doing an audit, to make sure I had everything entered and no duplicates.  I found a few things I had entered twice.  Once that is all done, I print a Summary Report and the information is ready to go.  Inventory is a whole other beast.  The first time my brother, a C.P.A., told me about cost of goods sold, I thought--I don't have to do that!!  Affectionately called COGS, yes, if you have inventory, you have to do COGS!  Unless of course, your business is a hobby.  After making & selling jewelry for over 10 years, I can no longer consider myself a hobbyist.  I decided this year, not to drag out getting my taxes done.  Three days at the computer, plus another day to audit, and I'm finished.  It's a great feeling, and now I can back to the fun stuff-creating!

I do have an autograph from Anthony on a print of this photo.  He explained at his lecture how this photo came about--he said that one should not get drunk with the photographer before a photo shoot........nice!